Archimedes waveswing: submerged wave power buoy


Our patented Archimedes Waveswing submerged wave power buoy is a unique device designed to provide reliable and affordable power for maritime communities and offshore applications. The Waveswing reacts to changes in sub-sea water pressure caused by passing waves and converts the resulting motion to electricity via a direct-drive generator. The system is suitable for deployment in water depths in excess of 25m and can be configured for ratings between 25kW and 250kW by selecting the appropriate scale.

The technology was tested offshore Portugal in 2004 and narrowly missed a world first for delivery of offshore wave power to a national electricity grid, being beaten by Pelamis by some 6 weeks. Since that time, the Waveswing has been refined and developed to focus on customer needs in an emerging market, with our 25kW Waveswing now available to order.

Key benefits of the Waveswing technology derive from its elegant and unique operating principle, its sub-sea location and the use of direct-drive technology. These combine to produce a system that is inherently survivable and reliable whilst providing best-in-class efficiency and cost and a minimal environmental foot-print.

key benefits:

Elegant, unique operating system

subsea location

use of direct drive technology

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Bench testing of the PTO Cylinder of the Waveswing has been successfully completed, with three primary hull elements then being moved to Malin Group’s new

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